What a time it has been to be a fan of Kanye West.  From his return to twitter, to being a man whose all about loving everything, to being his MAGA Alt-Right TMZ interview, it was a rocky time to be a Kanye West fan and I’ll be the first to admit, I was disappointed as a fan.  He went from saying “George Bush hates black people” to “I love Donald Trump.”  While I don’t agree with him in the slightest politically, he finally seems to be happy.  No longer do we have the “I’m never smiling in public” Kanye, but Kanye is no longer afraid to show how he feels or how he thinks.

These past 2 weeks Kanye has dropped 2 albums, “ye” and “Kids See Ghosts” with Kid Cudi.  After Kanye went on TMZ and Slavery was a choice, he completely lost me, and that was the point in which I was like, “Thats it, I can’t let this one slide, he’s become so out of touch.”  And after that, Kanye was quiet.  In the age of Social Media, people seemingly forgot or just didn’t care because its Kanye and Kanye says some wild shit.  The week of “ye,” I wasn’t too hyped for the album and I really didn’t think of it, but it approached anticipation grew.  The week prior we got DAYTONA, Pusha T’s Kanye produced album which was instantly regarded as a classic.  I started thinking, “Alright, Alright, we’re going to get some great Kanye samples over some MAGA bars.”  There was no way I was going to wait until midnight for this album to drop.  Then I found it would going to be live streamed on the WAV app, and there I sat for 2 hours watching a campfire and some horses waiting for the stream to begin, but I passed out.  I woke up expecting to see the album on Apple Music… it wasn’t there.  Finally, at like 9am it was up.  The album itself is not my favorite Kanye album, but you could tell Ye was finally doing his thing.  It came out that Kanye scrapped his original project after the TMZ interview which was literally like a month or less than that earlier and you could tell.  But with this album I realized Kanye can just create a whole aesthetic out of thin air.  He made Wyoming cool.  Let me reiterate this, he made WYOMING COOL.  “Ye” is an album that seems to be just for Kanye.  He talks about how he thought TMZ may have cost him and his wife their whole careers and he raps about how he’s worried about his daughter growing up.  Its not my favorite, but it his most self-actualized album if the whole world revolved around Kanye.

The following week he and Kid Cudi, collectively called Kids See Ghosts, dropped their self titles debut album.  This album is something I didn’t know I wanted my whole life.  I knew this album meant business when it opened with a Pusha T verse, had Kid Cudi belting out “I CAN STILL FEEL THE LOVE” and Kanye yelling nonsense over the beat, and from there I was hooked.  It is filled with samples and Cudi melodies reminiscent of the Man on the Moon days.  I’ve been playing it none stop since it dropped.  Like all the Wyoming productions it was 7 tracks, short and compact with no filler.  They go balls to the wall rapping about their depression and being bipolar and there they shed some light on things that have been previous looked down upon in the rap community.  Using their illnesses as “super powers,” they made one of the dopest albums of 2018 and as a fan of both artists it was great to see them both work together and return to a form we haven’t seen in so long.

Kanye seems to be more open now as a person and letting people in more.  So far, a lot of the publicity has been some what bad, but as of late he’s been adamant about his fandom of Rick and Morty and more recently Deadpool.  I’m very excepted to see what the future holds for Kanye, and although we don’t see eye to eye on politically, his artistry is unparalleled.  He continues to change his sound album to album and refuses to remain the same.

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