Taking Risks is Very Scary

It’s been some time since I’ve just typed about my life and my current well being.  Things are looking up and I got somethings in the works to advance my life in a new direction.  Change is such a scary thing, though.  In making a decision that is best for you, it indirectly affects the people you care about.

I think I’m way too empathetic.  I become way too attached to movie and TV characters and I tear up at most movies, but I create situations in my head that cause me to worry about everyone, my friends, my family.  I worry about what will go on around here when I move away.  Its like a weird form of FOMO.  I just want everyone to be living their best life while I’m living my own best life.  I know in we are currently living in the age of social media and reconnecting with everyone won’t be an issue, but just not being able to  casually hang out and kick it on the weekends will definitely be rough, but that is the belly of the beast.  You have to get yourself out of your comfort zone in order to get yourself where you want to be.

Whatever comes next for me is scary as hell.  Its really cliche, but the world is really your oyster.  If you commit to being great at something you can have as a career and potential enjoy it.  I’ve never had a job where I’ve thought, “Oooh, I can see me doing this for the next 30 years.”  Right now, I enjoy writing these blogs, shooting photos, and podcasts.  I’ve been toying with the idea of getting into podcasting about TV shows.  I feel like it would be something I want to get into.  The possibilities are limitless right now.  This is the first time ever I’ve felt I’ve had control or a say in life.

I’ve taking a risk and its extremely scary, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.



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