I believe this will be the start of me blogging about movies that I have recently seen and I figured there would be no better place to start than with a recent hit, A Quiet Place.  With blogs like this, if its a recent movie, I’ll avoid spoilers to the best of my ability.  Now, I cannot lie; I remember seeing the trailer and thinking, “Wow a movie where everyone is going to be mostly silent, that sounds like it sucks.”  I could not have been more wrong.

We’re now in an age where people who we associate with comedy are now producing and directing great thriller/horror/scifi movies.  Remember Jordan Peele, most know for Key and Peele and Mad TV, won an Oscar (AN OSCAR!) for best original Screenplay for Get Out, which was a phenomenal thriller that tackled race, relationships, and some crazy science.  Well, A Quiet Place is directed by John Krasinski, b

etter known as Jim Halpert in The Office.  Needless to say Jim Halpert has come a long way.

Going into this film I had no idea Krasinski directed and produced the film with Blumhouse, who also helped produce Get Out.  Krasinski did a great job in what I believe is his directorial debut.  He created a film that is a sci-fi thriller, but it also had a heart.



The film centers around a family of 5, that QUICKLY became a family of 4 after the youngest just could not stay quiet after finding a rocket ship toy in a local convenience store.  They initially took the toy from the kid, but then his sister gave is back to him and the kid had the bright idea of grabbing the batteries. You literally see this blur of an alien creature jumping out of the air and just taking the kid.  He really looked like Troy Polamalu jumping the line to sack a QB.


The family consists of Lee (Krasinski), Evelyn (Emily Blunt), Regan (Millicent Simmonds), Marcus (Noah Jupe).  All of these characters seem to have relatively strong personalities except for Marcus who they imply has some sort of illness early on, but its really not mentioned further on.  So after they lose their one member of the family to those all hearing alien beasts, they are all trying to cope with that sorrow which is truly a main conflict between Lee and Regan, since Regan gave the kid the toy back after Lee took it from him.  Regan believes her father hates her because Lee just never shows any emotion towards her whatsoever.

Another main plot point is that Evelyn is pregnant.  Which at a time when making any sort of noise is a big issue, I’m wondering how all that went down, but thats besides the point.  They are taking every precaution necessary, which includes putting their new born in a box with a oxygen gas mask.

Problems really begin to happen when Lee and Marcus go off scavenging and Regan goes wondering off in a huff because should couldn’t go with them.  This leaves a very pregnant Evelyn by herself and things begin to unravel (lets just say its not her due date, but its really her due date).

Lets talk about these monsters!  I would absolutely love it if they did some sort of prequel movie about how these sonic hearing monsters got to New York.  They have like one big ear and no eyes, but their heads like open up in what I can only interpret as some sort of satellite thing.  They are horrifying!  All we know about them come from clippings that Lee has in his basement.

I will let you know I my eyes welled up at the end as they tend to do with movies I go to see anymore.  I really did enjoy this film; It surpassed any and every expectation I had


going in to it.  I haven’t seen much of Emily Blunt’s work, which I am now seeing is a huge mistake on my part.  I last saw her in Sicario and this role is completely different.
You expect her to a helpless pregnant woman to start off, but her will live kicks and she is complete badass as the film progresses.

I would give this an 8.5/10.  It was such a thrill ride from beginning to end and it was so unexpected I would definitely catch this again.

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