I’ve never traveled much, never really been on too many wild vacations, never been too far west.  I am 25.  I’m starting to get this feeling to travel and to potentially find a landing spot for when I finally take that step and move away from my home town because when I move, I want to MOVE.

This may be my most adventurous year yet.  In a little over a week, I’m making the 9 hour drive to Durham, NC to visit my cousin and his fiancé and in a little under 4 months myself and 5 other friends will be make thing cross country road trip to Washington state.  These two things seem so big to me.  When I was younger we would always stay east.  Either go to Ocean City for a few days or go to some random place because my brother and I were into something at that point in time.  One time, I think we went to Stroudsburg for a vacation (very exotic) because Brock was into trains.  Another time, we went to Springfield, Mass. to check out the NBA Hall of Fame.  I remember having a great time there just because I’m so into the spot of basketball, but I need to go again sometime soon because I feel like I would appreciate it. But, these trips coming up, I’m so hyped for, but also super anxious about this Washington trip.  It’ll be the first time I’ve ever been west of Kansas City, Missouri.  That trip to Kansas City really wasn’t anything for fun or anything like that.  It was back when I was super Christian.  You know what I don’t even think it was it that!  I think I just liked a girl in my youth group, so I was like lets get it and I served the Lord in on a mission trip in Kansas City.  Very odd time in my life.

But the reason we’re going to Washington, and if you’ve kept up somewhat with the blog you’ll probably know, Brock, Justin and myself, are making our Twin Peaks pilgrimage.  We’re going with 3 friends who have seen none to some of the show as well, but the scenery there just seems so dope.  I think I’m starting to get cold feel because I’m literally worrying about every and any thing that could go wrong.  I really have to start catching myself and taking a deep breather because I spiral down a pit of worrying which takes quite some time and good talking to to kick.  I wanted to make it a goal of mine to travel more in 2018 considering I’ve barely gone anywhere my whole life.  I did kick it off by going to Pittsburgh to visit some friends from college.  It was my first trip to the burgh in years and it was great to see everyone.

You see the problem is I get in my own head and make things seem like they won’t be fun and they won’t be memorable and thats simply has not been the case.  Lately things I haven’t wanted to do but did anyway have been some of the best times I’ve had in a while.  This makes me want to take more chances, go new places, and enjoy myself.

I know these blogs tend to word puke and I fail to keep a coherent idea and I apologize.  But for right now I feel like I do this more for me.  I don’t have a following or anything, but I just hope anyone who reads this can relate in some way or another.  I’ll try to do these weekly or biweekly.

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