Whats Next?

I want to do so much.  I want to make a feature length movie with all of my friends.  I want to take some sick photos at some awesome rarely visited areas.  I want to people to appreciate what I do.

I think one of the coolest things thats happened to me in the past year was someone who I respect and who’s photos I really like asked me, “What are you planning on doing next?” I didn’t have an answer.  I never know whats next and I don’t know if thats a good or a bad thing.   Should I be planning what I want to be doing creatively or should I just let it happen?  I’ve done photography where things just came together and I’ve done photography where I’ve actually scouted the area the night prior.

I know when it comes to videos if you’re doing a skit or trying to tell a story, you need to sit down and know what you want to do.  I’ve been working on something for so long now with Jeff, but due to schedule constraints for the both of us, who knows when or if we’ll ever see it through.  I’ve also been a part of a video with Kyle where everything was off the tope of the dome and it turned out great.

I need to spend less time playing video games and essentially doing nothing productive and actually do things that could actually build on things I love to do and eventually get paid to do it.

Also, side note, SUPPORT YOUR FRIENDS AND THEIR ENDEAVORS.  If your friends are getting involved in or starting something new, encourage them, help them out, and even embark on that journey with them!  I’ve been a culprit of saying things that my friends  are stupid because they seem so far out there.  I’ve made it a goal of mine to more supportive and positive things my friends are doing.  Honestly, even if you’re an acquaintance I’ll be supportive.  You want to do that podcast you’ve been thinking of doing? DO IT.  You want to start painting?  Grab that easel and get to it!  You want take photos but have no idea what you’re doing?  Spend the money, get the camera and learn on YouTube (its what I do).  Just get out there and do what you want to do (within legal reason).  Believe in yourself, make time to master what your want to do, and be great.

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