This is my second post about television, and my second mentioning Twin Peaks.  On the surface, its a murder mystery to be solved by FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper.  But when you dig much deeper (especially after the season 2 finale), it becomes something more.  You begin to wonder about the actual characters and wonder if they are actually of this realm.  It became more a story of good vs evil, literally a story as old as time.

But I wanted to dive into how this show has affected me.  It has restored my sense of wonder, allowed me to take a look at things differently.  I look more into the abstract and try to search for the meaning.  I used to look at things surface level and that was that, story over.  Now I try to see why people act the way they do, who they are.

I’ll try to make these blog posts a little longer.  Its really been a long time since I’ve actually written anything with any thought.  I’ll try to organize these thoughts.

I know a lot of people may see what I do on Twitter, Instagram, and now I guess here and think its all for not.  Its not all for not, I do it for me. It keeps me going, it keeps me creative, and I thank Twin Peaks, David Lynch and Mark Frost for this new spark.

I often think and wonder what is the significance of Laura Palmer.  Why did the story resolve around her, what did she mean and why did the BOB want to possess her so desperately.  I often wonder my significance.  Why do I treat my body so bad.  Maybe one day I’ll figure this out.  We’re always told we’re here for a reason.  I’d just like to discover my reason someday and capitalize on that to help myself and help others.

Everything is new and everything needs to be seen deeper than the surface.

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