Good Night,

I’ve noticed (and others have as well) when I get into a television show, I obsess over it.  I also tend to latch onto the main characters as many people do.  I think myself and most people do this because those characters possess qualities that we want but don’t know how to obtain.  Whether it be physical, emotion, or mental, these characters all have what it takes to overcome their issues.  Maybe I latched on to Jon Snow because because of his loyalty to his family.  Perhaps I latched on Dale Cooper because he sees everyone as his equal and does what he believes is right no matter what stands in his way.  And lastly I’ve been big into the Evil Dead franchise lately, so I probably latched on to the Ash Williams because he had to roll with the punches (literally), has quick one liners, and is a physical dynamo.

Some think this is bad and sets unrealistic dreams or see it as mindless entertainment.   But i think its pretty cool to ask myself in certain situations “What would Dale Cooper do?”

I never said all of these blogs would be good.

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